1Crowd is working to establish a chain of startup incubation centers in collaboration with leading academic institutions across India
Our goal is to provide startups with access to the right resources, networks and support services to build robust businesses with strong business models that are commercially viable
As a team of seasoned investment professionals, we bring a strong commercial focus and will work closely with startups to build scalable businesses that are ready for external funding by the end of our incubation program
Our Incubation Centres
We are excited to announce the arrival of 1Crowd’s first incubation centre - Inspire!, which is setup in alliance with Christ University in Bangalore.
For more information about this incubation centre, please click here
FAQs - Incubation

1Crowd plans to set up and run a chain of startup incubation centres across India. These incubation centers will provide startups with physical office space, essential office amenities and a structured incubation program with mentorship, networks, market access and support services to help incubatee companies solidify their business models, scale up and be ready for institutional funding.

We look for great teams with innovative products/ideas which can solve real problem areas and can scale up to become profitable ventures.

1Crowd takes a small equity position in your startup in exchange for the incubation services offered. The exact equity amount varies based on the stage of the venture. Our stake in your business makes sure that we are motivated and our interests are aligned so that we win when you win.

We do not take any special or controlling interests in your company as part of the incubation program. We will not seek a board seat or any exceptional shareholder rights for the incubation services.

Startups may be required to pay nominal subsidized fees to the academic institutions which host the incubation centre for the physical infrastructure provided to them.

Accepted startups will be considered for seed funding from 1Crowd on a case-by-case basis. Seed funding will range between INR 10 lacs – INR 25 lacs and will be offered anytime between 3-9 months into the program. Request for seed funding will be evaluated as a separate arrangement between 1Crowd and the startup. Equity stake taken by 1Crowd as consideration for seed funding will be arrived at in consultation with the incubatee company.

1Crowd will exercise all measures to maintain confidentiality of the information. However, signing an NDA at incubation stage is not preferred. It is also not common practice across incubators. Having said that, 1Crowd will connect you with good lawyers and experts to help you maintain intellectual rights over your idea.